Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    The Investor's Toolkit
    • Business Tools You Gotta Have
    • Private Money and How to Use them
    • List Services
  • 3
    The Marketing Plan
    • How to Have More Deals than You Can Handle
    • Module 3: Locating Your Top Priority Prospects
    • Lecture 1. Lead Generation Techniques
    • Lecture 2: Get a List of 50 Decision Makers for ….
    • How Working with Realtors Can Up Your Game
    • Lecture 4. Long Distant Dealing How to Buy and Sell Subject To Deals from a Distance.
    • Lecture 3: Here’s How You Automate Your Contact List
    • Lesson #4: The Marketing Checklist
    • Lesson #7: Sample Letters to Owners in Foreclosure
    • Social Media
    • 2. Download… Answer # Key Questions
    • ACTION STEP #2:
    • Lesson #3: Free Websites you should use to get Your First Prospect List
    • How to Build Your Unstoppable Deal Machine
    • Lead Generation -The Realtor Referral Method
    • Step #1: Get a Prospective list of Borrowers Who are Late but Not in Foreclosure yet.
    • The Realtor Referral Method
  • 4
    How to Build Your Unstoppable Deal Machine
    • MODULE 4: The Short-Sale PreForeclosure Money Machine
    • Lecture 3. Know Your Numbers Before You Go
    • 1. Most People Will Never Succeed at Anything at a High Level
    • 2. What Your Prospecting System Should Look Like
    • 3. When Circumstances change and the property goes up for sale
    • 4. Rules to follow when negotiating with owners in foreclosure
  • 5
    Building Your A-Team
    • Assemble Your Dream Team for Ultimate Success
    • Lesson #1: Working with Realtors
    • Lesson #2: Working with Title & Escrow
    • Lesson #3: Insurance Agent, Attorney & Tax Professional
    • Lesson #4: How to Select and Work with Negotiators
    • Working with Funding Companies
    • How to Select & Hire Assistants and Coordinators
    • The Home Inspector, Handyman & Stager
    • The BPO Company and How to Use them
  • 6
    The System Game Plan
    • The PreForeclosure System for Success
    • Lesson #1: Analyzing Deals
    • Step #1: Prepare the Purchase Paperwork
    • Step#2: Submit Shortsale Package
    • Step #3: Open Escrow
    • Lesson #5: How to Write a Contract that Will be Accepted
    • Lesson #4: The Difference Between Mortgages and Trust Deeds and What This Means to the Foreclosure Investor
    • Lesson #2: Negotiating with the Lender
    • Lesson #8: Sample Pre foreclosure Worksheet
    • Lesson #5: The BPO Strategy
    • The Short Sale Package
    • Lesson #3: Systems for Success. Detailed System Flow Chart
    • ACTION STEP #1. Get Your First List of 100-200 Prospects.
  • 7
    The System Playbook
    • Closing the Purchase and the Selling Transactions
    • Lesson #1: Closing the Purchase Side
    • Lesson #2: Closing the Selling Side
    • Lesson #4: How to Find Your Buyer Before You Close on Your Purchase
    • Lecture 9. Working with Contractors
    • Lesson #5: Transaction Summary
  • 8
    The Paperwork From A-Z
    • Addendums and clauses to include in every purchase agreements you write
    • Why buying pre foreclosures is better than at foreclosure sale
    • When you must use a realtor and the same purchase agreements they use
    • Understanding equity purchase agreements in California
    • Armed with loan balances and payoff amounts you can then negotiate your purchase price and terms
    • Preparing the purchase agreement
    • The Deal Checklist
  • 9
    The short sale process - The good, the bad and the ugly
    • MODULE 8. Why Short Sales is the biggest money maker that still works
    • Preparing the short sale package
    • Sample FORMS
    • Sample owner interview worksheet
    • Sample letters to owners in foreclosure
    • The short payoff proposal to Lender
    • Sample purchase contract
    • Direct Mail is the best way to contact pre foreclosure
    • My #1 Approach to Homeowners in Foreclosure that Gets them Ripping Open My Envelopes
    • What you need to know about loss mitigation
    • Sample Script to Contact the lender
    • The Pre Foreclosure Loan Worksheet
  • 10
    Flipping PreForeclosures, How the Pros Do it
    • MODULE 5: How to market and re sell your new property for maximum profit
    • Lecture 1. Exit Strategies for MAXIMUM Income
    • Lecture 2. For Realtors - The Disclosure Process for Licensees
  • 11
    Pre Closing Due Diligence and Preparing to Close
    • MODULE 6. How to Close. Not Title/Attorney/Escrow Needed
    • Analyzing deal. What Does a Good Deal Look Like
    • Guide to Preparing a loan and liens worksheet
    • Owner Worksheet
    • Sample lien holder worksheet
    • Best way to approach liens that are not bank loans
    • How to negotiate with the second mortgage loan
    • How to contact the lender
  • 12
    Closing on Your PreForeclosure Purchase Side
    • MODULE 7: Closing, How to close on your pre foreclosure purchase
    • The closing checklist
    • The closing paperwork
    • Should you use an attorney, title company or a notary?
    • Curing the Default and Bringing Mortgage Current
    • How to pre sell your short sale deal before you buy
    • Double Closing, Simultaneous Closings and Back to Back Closing
    • How to buy and sell at the same closing table.
  • 13
    What to Do After You've Closed on Your Deal
    • Module 8. Post Closing
    • Working with Junior Lien Holders.
    • Organizing Your Purchase Files
  • 14
    State Foreclosure Laws
    • How to work with your state and stay within the laws
    • States with Non-Judicial Foreclosure Laws
    • States with Judicial Foreclosure Laws
  • 15
    Next Steps...
    • More Resources for you


  • Alicia Cox

    Alicia Cox

    Investor / Lic. Real Estate Broker

    Alicia Cox is a Real estate investor in New York, New Jersey, Florida and California since 1998 buying and selling both commercial and residential properties. She started out as a foreclosure bankruptcy paralegal in New York and starting her own paralegal support firm, Legal Support Services, Inc. “After processing so many bankruptcies with real estate” says Cox, “I figured I could make more money as a real estate investor and I was right! My first year I grossed over $250,000 and never looked back.”Miss Cox is the founder and president of SoCal Real Estate Investor Connection, a professional real estate investor organization for real estate professionals. The organization teaches real estate investing through national speakers. Her seminars and meetings are held weekly and monthly in Los Angeles, CA. Alicia Cox is a licensed real estate broker in California and currently invests in real estate and rehab mortgages. After due diligence, I can usually close out these deals in a few days. Currently buying commercial and high end luxury home mortgages. Property owners contact her for principal reduction and funding help to facilitate their short sale deals.

Who Should Take This Course

Investors who want to work the distressed market. It combines Subject-To technique with wholesale for a unique approach to distressed investing.
Who Should Take This Course